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Of all the things....

So, I have a weekly delivery of my diapers from NORTHSHORE CARE. Like clockwork (normally) I get home friday, there's the package waiting on the doorstep for me. This last friday, not the case. I didn't bother to look at the tracking just presumed that it would show up saturday. WRONG. Supposedly, it was dropped off Friday at around noon. So that means, someone stole my diapers. Seriously, of all the things.... someone STOLE DIAPERS..... really? I mean c'mon. Well, they must of had a little surprise when they opened it thinking maybe they scored something maybe tech or clothes but nope just a pack of medium adult diapers. I called Northshore about it saying I never got the package despite it saying it was delivered. They said they'd ship out a replacement, no hassle or anything.


This worked out much better than when I had a HORRORBOX stolen. Actually that time, prety sure it was the postal worker who did that one. Cause when I saw them next eye to eye, well they were real quick about avoiding eye contact....despite me not saying anything or even acting intimidating towards them. It was more of a "oh shit I'm busted look away look away" kind of thing.



But yeah, someone stole my diapers. So not happy about that, but grateful that NORTHSHORE is understanding and is shipping out a replacement.

liljester 10.06.2019 2 702
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  •  DltlYawnoc: 

    That’s funny or maybe it’s another Abdl?  Hahaha it’s another abdl that has clocked the routine cause they are poor or to embarrass to buy them lol

    I made a diaper conspiracy lol

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  •  CrinkleboyDL69: 

    Northshore is awesome. I highly recommend them. Doug 

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