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I come to visit you, you notice the front off my Jean's are wet, more than if I just hadn't  shaken it off before I put it back in my pants if you know what I mean...



You ask me what happened  and being 60 years old I deflect your question and dismiss it off hand....



You offer me a beer which I accept with thanks and as you give it to me you tell me to enjoy and that it will be my last for the day unless I give you my jean's to dry....I argue but you see my shame and take advantage of this asking me it I honestly  think I can walk into the pub without people  noticing  that I have pissed my pants?


I mutter this happens when one gets older and reluctantly  stand up and start to loosen my belt, you tell me to stop and come across and start undressing me, more embarrassing  and emotionally  overwhelmed  I start crying.....



You pull my jeans  down to my knees and notice my jockeys are soaked as well, you insert your fingers into the elastic of my underpants and pull them down as well.....


I am now in a total emotional  state  bawling my eyes out, you tell me not to worry and that you will wash my pants and dry them, you tell me to sit down and drink my bottie beer.....


I am totally embarrassed,  sit down drink my beer and hear the  washing  machine  start, you go into the bedroom  and I hear opening  and closing of cupboards and suitcases, I'm just glad you aren't watching me sitting bare bum on your couch.


In the distance I hear your voice calling me. I look up to see your outstretched  hand and you ask me to come with you, you lead me into your bedroom,  there is a red rubber sheet on the right side of the bed, you tell me to lie down and relax...reluctantly  i lie down on my back, you come and sit on the side of the bed next to me, placing your hand on my hip and tell me you can help.


You ask me if I have ever worn nappies, I cringe, but decide I might as well tell the truth, I admit to you that I am an adult baby and enjoy putting on nappies when alone, now you shock me telling me that you secretly  wanted to baby sit an adult baby, that you will put me in nappies, but you only change wet nappies, not messy ones, so before you put me into nappies you are going to give me a good old fashion  soap and water enema.....



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