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Daniel James Roger Perry
United Kingdom
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i finally have my very own mommy now.. her name is Anniebellenfant and she is the best mommy i could have ever wished for. is not even kiddin.. she is kind.. loving. caring. gentle.  someday we both hope to meet each other. but till then im a happy baby..

so yes as of now. im only lookin for friends and people to chat wit on here. thank you for understanding..

mommy annie, your baby boy daniel lubs you verry much. you mean the world to me:


kind. caring. love humour. thoughtful of others. puts others first. likes reading. likes video games. movies. music.         

I am Incontinent

 my alternate email is: [email protected]. i made it back when used to go on a virtual world platform called secondlife. i still use that email as well.

also just to make this public. im uk and while i love talking to mommies an daddies in the united states. to make international phones or texts.. costs alot.. so im sorry to all united states mommies an daddies..but i wont be texting or phoning via my phone. i ams happy to text you on this site and talk with you. but please don't ask me to text or phone an international phone number.. thank you in advance. 


also please if you are a mommy. dont contact me if your only intention is to try and scam me for money. thank you in advance.

Additional information
17 1/2 stone
asdan sats
Relationship Status
i like doing gardening when the weather is nice mostly growing vegatabels.. like to play video games mostly games that have choices in the games that you choose an each one has a consquance or outcome. like drawing as well buts am not good at drawing. i think most would probably laugh at my drawings if they saw them.. when my actual age is 33.
meeting new people. making friends. meeting a girl to be my girlfriend. likes to listen to people an let them speak about anything they wish. would like a mommy someday.. or to meet a girl that maybe become my girlfriend an be my mommy at times.
white - british
Favorite Sites
Favorite Music
most rock music. 90s dance music. happy hardcore music. love songs. chillout music. euphoria chillout trance.
Favorite Films
the lion king.. the animated jungle book. beauty an the beast. aladdin.

die hard. fifth element. halloween trilogy. most horrors. enter the dragon. growns up 1 & 2. happy gilmore. billy madison. i have to many films that i like which are my favs
Favorite Books
star wars comic books. michael crightons jurassic park. to many to list.