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20 year old boy who looks so much like a girl that most people think I am one. I buy almost everything from the womens section. I think drag is the right term for me. Colored long hair and makeup and whatever. People ALWAYS think i exaggerate the girl thing and they ALWAYS say wow i thought you were exaggerating. I guess im mainly saying this so gay guys who actually like GUYS dont get the wrong idea

Ive wore diapers on and off since i was little (and always at night) but it kind of became a sexual thing for me after someone else made me realize how special they are for some people. It feels so good when people like and praise me for the things that make me special. Like I also have really big balls for some reason lol so love those

it mostly turns me on when someone else is turned on by me. Most of the stuff I like is weird and started like that. It feels so good to me when someone praises me for something and wants it from me that suddenly I start wanting that same attention from others too.

I like it a lot when people like my smells (especially everything between my legs) and Im kinda smelly in general mostly because i dont wash my ""front"" or change clothes too often. Or maybe farts if youre that naughty loll

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