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how many like to play a bit of suppository roulette? You know, stick a couple in, get your nappy and plastic pants on, and then carry out an errand and see if you can hold out until you get home? i don't often poop my Terry nappies but do enjoy it sometime
Babyb1968 18 hours ago 0 8

Hi would you like to have your own baby bag to put all your goodies in.. I make an design personalize baby bags what ever you want on your baby bag i can make it happen for you!  So if you're interested email me [email protected]
Illroticmommy1 2 days ago 0 10

Onesies are being discontinued they’re having a sale on their inventory of what they’re discontinuing.   https://www.sexylingerieandadulttoys.com/product-category/adult-baby-diaper-loverabdl/
foxtrot62 5 days ago 0 35
Get Some Diapers!

Piggins: yeah too bad they dont have the courtesy to at least say something like read your profile not my thing or not interested
2d ago
Piggins: Thanks anyway I found what im looking for - say something
2d ago
Piggins: Guess more than a few are short on IQ in general.
2d ago
Piggins: Regressed beyond diaper baby to just plain DUH
2d ago
pyro: Hey all
2d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Sometimes, people are single for reasons beyond being ABDL. Can't fix a broken personality.
2d ago
Natee: Personality? What's that?
2d ago
DanielABDL: I wish I lived in a bunker
2d ago
abmelissa: hi all from sunny Bournemouth alone shy subby ab sissy x kik pansymelissa
2d ago
Piggins: Hmmm a bunker? Interesting but then what?
2d ago
noname: hi hello all,any doms in ???
Curiouslywet: My very first onesie will be here tomorrow and I am so excited about it!
20h ago
Sissyjeff: 4 bags of Bellisimo for $15 Thrift store in Belleville..Nice score for me
17h ago
soggymale04: hi everyone how is your day?
7h ago
jamesbennett: i can't believe i find no local mate to hangout with yap 20 years of looking
6h ago
noname: chat anyone ???
6h ago
dindler: Hi from north wales. Love to chat.
5h ago
pyro: Hello
4h ago
dyperluvr: Awesome score Sissyjeff
3h ago
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