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hi i feeling alone and go no friends to hangout with me would someone keep me company on skype or hangout is u want to hangout with me online and someone age over 18 and under 30 i can be online daddy or big bro and care for u on skype or hangout ( please
jamesbennett 9 days ago 2 54

I'm at the point, I don't know how much more bs I can take. I'm just tired of putting out all my effort and energies caring for someone, worrying about them, doing everything I can to make them happy, be their shoulder, opening myself up to them only to ha
liljester 11 days ago 2 93

I am a single virgin baby boy with some problems as I have some memory loss, dear in one ear, my speech is not good, and have some scared on my body. I have not had a real mother off my own as my mother was a teen that have me up for adoption and I never g
Aorphanbaby 12 days ago 0 62
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Party_in_my_Pampers: The idea of consent in cartoon porn is subjective. If someone sees tape then it’s rape.
2d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Tape=rape
2d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: All I see is consensual sex. But that’s just me.
2d ago
lars: @jeffreydl, I agree with you its cold..... Spring can not get here quick enough lol
2d ago
DanielABDL: I will take it upon myself to report "Anti ABDL" trolls that make accounts just to try and slander off this lifestyle...Then admin can do something nasty to 'em.
Party_in_my_Pampers: By nasty do you mean forcing them to re-incarnate as a new user with same shitty attitude?
22h ago
DanielABDL: Anti ABDL trolls deserve it, Pamp.
21h ago
DanielABDL: It's the equivalent of a KKK member going out of their way, into a black neighbourhood and spouting his dogma
21h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: LOL. Only if he was planning a horrible death for himself.
21h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: I get it, my remarks were referring to the toothless deleting of an account and the troll being only slightly inconvenienced.
21h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: You
21h ago
DanielABDL: ...james?
21h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: sorry littlespace for bellyaching.
21h ago
DanielABDL: ok, could you start from the beginning and please tell me what the point was?
21h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: I had a chat with littlespace about stuff but came off sad and depressed when it’s nit the case.
20h ago
BabyAya: It's interesting how you totally go off the deep end when you find an "abdl troll" yet you constantly say mean things about gay and lesbian people Daniel.
13h ago
BabyAya: "is the idiotic rambling of a guy in French his way of" coming out"" paraphrasing
7h ago
BabyAya: You clearly have issues with gay and lesbian people. And your hypocrisy has as many layers as pain au chocolate
7h ago
BabyAya: Literally the only homophobia I've found in the shouting has cone from you
7h ago
BabyAya: Do you have acceptance issues?
7h ago
BabyAya: Wah, she told me she was really into other people. I feel personally attacked and lash out at lesbians as a proxy for my own inadequacy
7h ago
Hugh_Madbrough: if i was a woman into this, Id say i was a lesbian too, just to cut as much crap out of my inbox as i could. especially from someone that wonders "why r all teh wimmenz ghey?"
4h ago
DanielABDL: Righto
4h ago
BabyAya: 😂
3h ago
pyro: Morning mates
2h ago