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pyro: Il be around later if anyone wants to chat or "play" :)
2d ago
jamesbennett: hi i looking for online son or little bro
jamesbennett: in age 18 to 30
littlebib: wishing all a very good happy nappy wet christmas
pyro: Thanks littlebib you too :)
LilMissPumpkin: Enjoy your weekend, everyone <3
lostinaether: I want to have a DL party... but dont know enough cool locals. :(
21h ago
lostinaether: sorry, I dont care about cool, I mean CHILL.
21h ago
Dartplayerinwvc: lostinaether nice profile
20h ago
lostinaether: Thanks Dartplayerinwvc
20h ago
lostinaether: Perhaps it needs and update. I keeop my FetLife more updated. I should copy it over.
20h ago
Dartplayerinwvc: its all about what you are looking for
19h ago
Dartplayerinwvc: mine is simpler but oh well
19h ago
JodieDelight: DiaperMates ban DIN1447 - He messaged me urging me to write ABDL stories of underage girls. He's a peado! Sort him out. Thanks.
16h ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning :)
14h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: what kind of party?
2h ago
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