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I bet I can get lots of mother or mommies writing to me for money than a baby as on here there are a lot that want more money than a baby and some on here just want a baby that they can have forever. I have been in places like this that want me to send mon
Aorphanbaby 3 days ago 1 44

who would want to deal with me being naughty as I poop my pants 
Babygirl400 5 days ago 12 53

Drako's Art Contest - October 2018   The latest winner is: Collared&StuffedYCH Finished - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28337268/ by jacedoge - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jacedoge/   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Bondage   Voting Theme
jmac32here 10.06.2018 0 51
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smoothg: It’s a fab sunny day in Berkshire UK
2d ago
wet-wet-nappy: Not too bad here in Yorkshire, uk
2d ago
lars: seems like they reset the shout out box lol
15h ago
Babyathome: And why do we need to see 112 pics of this dude Benoit? I'd bet we've already seen most of them before.
12h ago
babyboy1980: Hi everyone I am new here
12h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: I know eh? I'm sure he managed to get every angle possible.
12h ago
dyperluvr: I couldnt agree more Babyathome, if your going to post pics, maybe just do a few at time, not over a hundred at one shot,
10h ago
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