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putdiapers_onme: good morning from Hamilton
2d ago
Diaperboy1475: Does anyone want to have a chat with me.
2d ago
abmelissa: cute shy single ab sissy here looking in south uk for mummy or daddy pvt me
2d ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning
24h ago
JodieDelight: I just wanted to let people know this: ALL 28 of my ABDL eBooks are processing through Amazon KDP. Once complete; ALL eBooks will be on sale for £2.00 per ebook! That's $2.81! I'll then update the 'Preview Read' feature on my 'Publications' webpage. Want to know more? Visit my website. Thanks.
20h ago
pyro: Hey
18h ago
diapereddemigoddess: i'm getting requests to draw abdl pics! woooooooooooooooooooooooo­!­
18h ago
zethans: ok, so this is a bit weird, my mom knows i am sick right now, and she knows when i have a fever, i am more prone to wetting the bed. well when i am sick, i sleep a lot. and i woke up from a nap and went to change into normal underware because i can slip my briefs on and off with a bit of luck. and my mom told me no you don't, you stay in bed, padded, and just rest 😳 am i dreaming!
15h ago
Little_Cutiepie: Weird..
12h ago
BigCryBaby: No your just lucky!
10h ago
dyperluvr: bunch of damn snowflakes, its a fetish site, deal with it. Real easy to just ignore the unwanted messages and stupid questions, or have a little fun with it. Amazing how easy it is to get the person sending an unwanted message so frustrated all thay can do is type a bunce of explicitives LOL so get over it.
8h ago
JodieDelight: I only speak to a handful of people on here anyway...people who can hold an intelligent conversation and can write decent English...The rest I simply block; because they are either sick perverts, or we just have nothing in common. It's that simple really. A shame...
8h ago
dyperluvr: Yes it is that simple.
7h ago
JodieDelight: It's a shame though, because with people who live near you, who act like dickheads in the way they come across and speak to you; turns you off. And a potential face-to-face meet goes down the toilet. Distance isn't a problem; it's the person him/her is the problem.
7h ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning everyone
19m ago
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