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Such a good boy all dressed for me. You diaper snug around your little bum, pink plastic panties over top. I tricked you today, though, didn’t I?  Instead of the little sailor suit I had spoken about I’ve put you into a little pink dress with ruffles and b
PhonesexMamas 6 days ago 1 73

I'm am looking for someone in the Phoenix or Tuscon Arizona area. I'm beginning to think I am the only one here. I just want to hang out with another ABDL
Justwantadiaper 6 days ago 0 27

I’ve always had a nurturing side, a constant need to protect and encourage that I’ve found my babies can help me express like no one else. They make me feel special, coming to me with their unique needs. They allow me to bring them back to a time when life
PhonesexMamas 13 days ago 0 76
Get Some Diapers!

Party_in_my_Pampers: Why not go to a drug store and buy a pack.
8d ago
DL_Canada420: Hi from Canada
7d ago
JodieDelight: Just to let you guys know: "Ebb123" is a fake. She contacted me out of the blue. We emailed each other & spoke on WhatsApp - In fact she only used "One-Word" replies. She states she's an AB Girl/Mummy on her profile. But I think it's some dumb person wanting to act babyish. Be careful! I've blocked and reported her!
7d ago
soggymale04: hi everyone
7d ago
DL_Canada420: Hey
6d ago
DL_Canada420: Tons of fakes on here.. Im a real boy in Kitchener
6d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Real in hamilton
6d ago
blacktide9785: Hows everyone's day so far
6d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Great. Things working so far.
6d ago
JodieDelight: My boiler has packed-up - after the Gas Man came round for it's annual check up. I'm sitting indoors with blankets around me. These things happen out of the blue! lol
6d ago
JodieDelight: I'm going to have stern words with him when he comes round to fix the issue
6d ago
admin: I'm always worried they'll mess something up doing "routine" maintenance
6d ago
JodieDelight: I've had no hot water or heating for over 12 hours. I'll be alright. But the trouble is, when they mess around with the boiler, it tends to break. The timing is bad.
6d ago
soggymale04: i'm real on here even have profile picture
6d ago
pissingfunguy: Something new - a male scammer trying the normal 419 scam - please remove snroy
5d ago
wet-wet-nappy: snroy any body?SCAMMER
5d ago
abmelissa: shy small single ab sissy here alone in sw uk x
5d ago
PurpleDL79: Anyone from MA in the USA....?
5d ago
Babyplane: bdog is back trolling and spamming under the incredibly imaginative name 'bdog3'
4d ago
Babyplane: Another scammer: http://diapermates.com/zenab
4d ago
DanielABDL_1: he's gotta be dealt with
4d ago
DanielABDL_1: might i suggest the good ol' rack?
4d ago
PampsLuver11: HELLO
3d ago
wet-wet-nappy: Hi
3d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Bored. Things just aren’t the same without DLG and babyAya
3d ago
soggymale04: i'm real in Casper Wyoming
3d ago
DL_Canada420: Waves
3d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Bored in Hamilton.
3d ago
2d ago
pottypanties: Hello everyone. I am a lil diapered sissy baby gurl who is very nice and ready to serve and please everyone!
2d ago
pottypanties: My wife just told me that the is diapering me on the average of almost 1500 times a year!
2d ago
wet-wet-nappy: Lucky bugger
Babyathome: Potty, just curious, how did you meet your wife and how did you convince her to be your mommy?
21h ago
pottypanties: My wife is not my mommy. It is a very long story. I have to wear diapers but like them. As boy I used to dress up. Mom thought it was cute and encouraged it. Before I was married, mom told my to be wife all about me. It first she was ok with diapers as that is not an option. Over the years she became more and more tollerant of me being a sissy baby. Never involing sex however. We have been married a long time and it has come to where we are now.
18h ago
DanielABDL_1: It seems a common pattern to me for a partner (especially ladies for some reason) not wanting to involve or associate any sexuality with these things
18h ago
Babyathome: OK, so your wife is not your mommy but she does change you when needed. That's very understanding of her.
17h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: I live mommysekingababy professional model shoot profile picture! I can certify that there’s no scamming going on here.
16h ago
Babyathome: No scamming or our money back?
15h ago
soggymale04: i am so excited. ☺☺☺☺
13h ago
Nannyaimee: anyone in ontario?
7h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Hamilton
4h ago
DL_Canada420: Diapers ontario yay
31m ago
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