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bigwetnappy: chat anyone??
2d ago
diaperblondie: has anyone been scammed by someone claiming to be an attorney..and will take care of you...etc....and then wants to meet but doesn't show.....babygirls mostly is who i am talking too....
2d ago
soggymale02: just a group question when putting a diaper on do you start with top tape or bottom tape?
2d ago
digger80: i allways start with the bottom tab
2d ago
diapereddemigoddess: same bottom, always screws up fitting when you start at the top
Mommas_Boy: Bottom tape. Always seems to fit better.
bigwetnappy: hello all
22h ago
bigwetnappy: chat anyone
22h ago
diapereddemigoddess: i started at the bottom and now i have padding on my rear
15h ago
diapereddemigoddess: ugh, i really hate AB/DL's who will abuse the insurance and get diapers for no legit medical reason, it's disgusting. i don't have a problem with people who wear/use for fun or if they want to be 24/7 by choice but to lie or abuse the system just to get your diaper fix is just wrong so wrong to do
12h ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning everyone :)
10h ago
LouiseLong247: BabySitter37, you are rude. But what I said was "What are U?" is a rude question. Its objectivify's people and that not good. Grow up
6h ago
DeenaM: Beware of Babysitter37. Very rude and obnoxious. When I told him to leave me alone, he responds that he the right to chat with anyone he wants.
6h ago
wayno: Hi everyone
5h ago
Piggins: Good morning
5h ago
mspeas: Well put Louise ~ he is creepy....
3h ago
jamesbennett: kitty301 private message me please
2h ago
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