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diapereddemigoddess: watch out for diapersrule2612 if you turn him down on dating him he sends a message saying you're a slut and blocks you
2d ago
admin: classy
2d ago
bigwetnappy: i know i am wasting my time asking this but chat anyone
2d ago
diapereddemigoddess: but i'm making dinner though... steak and potatoes
2d ago
soggymale02: would it be possible to chat with you BabyAya? if not is ok just thought i would ask respectfully
2d ago
diapereddemigoddess: seriously?!! i made steak and potatoes!!!! how is that not a topic to discuss??!! i was diapered while i did it too dang it
2d ago
MuppetBoi: Can I have steak and potatoes?
MuppetBoi: BabyAya if you want to know who you blocked, try asking the site staff if there's a way?
diapereddemigoddess: remember not to go to abdlmatch, they will restrict your access to their page for no reason after making a account
diapereddemigoddess: spread the word
RonnieJA: I deleted my account on abdlmatch, not worth it
23h ago
diaperboy0001: That's ok Jacyleung. I accidently deleted my account once.
22h ago
Donavin63: The thing about abdlmatch, they are so restrictive, you can't even mention a 3rd party service in a PM and they'll cut it out, also I wonder if any of the people who've messaged me on there are real.
21h ago
Nappygirl97: Be aware SpankerMommy21 is a con artist out for money.
19h ago
putdiapers_onme: hi everyone
15h ago
Nappygirl97: Yo kind of bored if any girls wana talk pm me pls and thx.
15h ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning everyone :)
4h ago
New2Diapers: abdlmatch is a major scam. There are supposed "people" around areas and matches that you can talk to if you pay but once you do, suddenly ALL of them are gone.
2h ago
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