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Soft and thirsty 5-Layer Pull-Up diapers. Just $16 each in sizes from 28-64" waists!
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soggymale02: i tried abdlmatch also and i will never go back. i received messages but i could never read them . it would not let me upgrade to get my messages
2d ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning
2d ago
Eragon: I had a profile on abdlmatch then one day I was knocked off, So I tried to sign on and it told me that my profile was deleted. Long story short. I've never been back since
putdiapers_onme: good afternoon everyone vacation day to day
babygirl92: Me wooking fow a mommy or daddy to roleplay wit on kik. Me usewname tis rushergirl92
bigwetnappy: FFS chat anyone
bigwetnappy: i can see i am wasting my time here
bigwetnappy: another chat site were you talk to yourself
soggymale02: then delete your profile if you don't like how nobody is chatting with you and Quit Bitching!!!!!!!
22h ago
foxtrot62: You do realize this is a shout box not an actual chat room that doesn't seem to work anymore
18h ago
galen: What up guys? <3
17h ago
zethans: Enjoying my first Abu. Not sure if worth the price. But oh my are they comfy
17h ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning from hamilton
12h ago
nappydad: Afternoon DLs from the UK
10h ago
diaperboy0001: Today I feel light as a feather.
6h ago
LovelyMermaid22: How's everyone doing today?
19m ago
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