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ABDL Match

thegearsoftime: Good morning! Anyone want to chat? ^^
4d ago
baby_ben: hi how is everyone
4d ago
Candy4587425: Have a great weekend
4d ago
LonelyNathanVeryPapered: Anybody feels like sharing some messes as much as I ? i am in California.&period­;­ anyone web cam share if long distance? msg me
4d ago
Dartplayerinwvc: What does very papered mean
4d ago
RJ10KO: hello all how are we all this evening/morning or night
4d ago
admin: Ordered some pull-ups from Shipt, a delivery service..&p­eriod;­ so I guess I shipt my pants!
3d ago
SissyCassie01: Naughty sissy looking for someone to play with.
3d ago
thegearsoftime: Hey guys, anyone want to chat?
3d ago
jermainwanttobediapered: Good Morning, It's Diaper Bowl Sunday!
3d ago
Baby_Missy: Me need changed and punished
2d ago
river710: Any mommies/daddies out there hmu.
2d ago
Smilley60: im up way past my bedtime
2d ago
blueeyesboy: It is time for FUN!
2d ago
NappyBoy91: Evening :D
2d ago
Your_Soul_Mate: Looking for friends.
2d ago
sissybabychristina: I'm looking for a mommy to take care of me as there sissy baby. anyone .Hello everyone I'm new here and I hope I can make some new friends on here too.
LittleBabyDonny: Hi all Looking to have AB, Mommies, Daddies over for play time at my house, my momy and me love to have ab parties, live in SD CA USA, if you would like to get together email us as LittleBabyDonny@gm­ail.com­ HUGS
AB_Baby_Girl: Heya how is everyone?
19h ago
river710: So many babbies and so little caretakers. The struggle.
17h ago
Candy4587425: Happy Mardi Gras!
15h ago
NappyBoy91: HIhi hows everyone?
14h ago
pottypanties: I am not going to be naughty anymore! I am only a very nice diapered sissy baby!
13h ago
cutenekokitty123: Pretty good how about all of you?
12h ago
pottypanties: Very good cutekitty
11h ago
cutenekokitty123: Good to hear
9h ago
babychriskay: Hey. Anyone around the Boston area
6h ago
jermainwanttobediapered: anyone in the sacramento ca s area want to chat?
6h ago
SissyCassie01: Love naught role play come play if you like
4h ago
river710: memes
4m ago
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