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ABDL Match

10.08.2015 08:31
Posted by tnydiaper
10.08.2015 08:44
Posted by babygirlcrystal
hi all any mummys diaper girls or daddys on kik add me bbygirlcrystal15
10.08.2015 10:08
Posted by bb_brain
what ? kik baby crystal ?never heard of it
10.08.2015 10:50
Posted by wolfpackredneck
mine is thunderwolf14
10.08.2015 10:57
Posted by Simon_DL
me too i got kik, babygirlcrystal :)
10.08.2015 10:58
Posted by wolfpackredneck
hey simon if u want u could add me
10.08.2015 11:01
Posted by Simon_DL
little sidenote to all: i went to the hospital yesterday for a minor surgery. And it went pretty well
10.08.2015 11:02
Posted by wolfpackredneck
how r u doing bro
10.08.2015 11:39
Posted by diapersup55
admins fix the site when we go online we should stay online until we log off
10.08.2015 14:06
Posted by fishboots
looking for a daddy
10.08.2015 14:20
Posted by babygirlcrystal
any diapergirls mummys or daddys have kik add me bbygirlcrystal15
10.08.2015 17:35
Posted by bigwetnappy
this is a chat site isnt it????????
10.08.2015 18:01
Posted by bigwetnappy
why do i even bother ,thanks for nothing diapermates
10.08.2015 22:36
Posted by diapersup55
aww bigwetnappy not very happy ????
10.08.2015 23:29
i'm looking for a diaper girl who needs her daddy. my kik username is Michael Nobles
10.08.2015 23:45
sounds like someone needs some rash cream for the butthurt they have.
10.09.2015 12:40
Posted by walt1969
10.09.2015 20:54
Posted by MommyAlexia
how about skype?
10.09.2015 21:18
Posted by Diaperboy032
Anyone online wanna chat if so message me
10.09.2015 21:46
Posted by nznappyboy
hey any one up for a chat just PM me :)
10.09.2015 21:57
Posted by babydiapersub
any daddys wanna chat to a ab girl just message me
10.09.2015 22:15
skype is fun
10.10.2015 00:02
Posted by pottypanties
My wife gave me a baby bottle of warm infant formula to drink while she night diapered me a little while ago. Now I am ready for nighty nite!

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