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looking for a daddy in orange county with nursery and Single  
Abdljohnnyoc1985A 12 hours ago 0 2

Perfect Diaper room scent if you are looking for some.... My wife sells *Scentsy* and she actually ordered some for me as a gift and I have to say WOW and love you pumpkin for warming my heart by thinking about me and my love for 1970s Pampers. "Newborn N
Dartplayerinwvc Yesterday 0 23

i want to visit my daddy for 1 or 2 weeks and have him baby me.
Abdljohnnyoc1985A 3 days ago 1 23
Get Some Diapers!

blacktide9785: It should be that way always just because someone says somthing dosnt mean you agree or anything but you have a right to say it
blacktide9785: Freedom of speech 😊
blacktide9785: No they dont and yes they do they need to know about diversity.
blacktide9785: Yes it needs to happen abdl is a welcoming place dosnt matter about gender, politics,sexual orientation, etc, but respect peoples choses if you dont agree or like it.
blacktide9785: Nice
blacktide9785: Same here.
blacktide9785: Ture it will
4EverYoung: Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters. We've had it so good for so long that's how most empires collapse from within.
4EverYoung: Thank you, looking forward to being part of it as things go forward.
4EverYoung: Appreciate it I'll also monitor things here see if I can continue to inform others.
4EverYoung: It's all good I try my best to be a decent person to never lash out in anger to them, cause I don't believe in animal cruelty to sheep.
blacktide9785: Ok enough is enough come on guys if you dont like someone's opinions on subjects ok that's you. You do have a right to disagree or not like it but why dont you atleast respect it because they have a right to say what they feel on any subject matter. With out predicting for harm to others, but lots of People instead try to shame them and gang up on some one's star rating and you just give them one star because of thier diffrent views I believe in freedom of speech you can say what you want even if I don't agree or like. Like everyone else so it kinda shows your ture colors just saying.
10h ago
blacktide9785: Predicating
10h ago
DanielABDL_1: sorry about that "downvote" problem you posted about 4ever....Can't imagine what events lead to that.... Try not to let it crush your ego too much to make others feel big.
8h ago
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