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Daddyz_Little_Girl: *stands in the corner with a blanket over my head* I would like to call myself fake lamp!
2d ago
MotherElaine: trying to find a friend for my Diaper baby in Richmond Virginia
2d ago
MotherElaine: lovely Sweet Sissy Diaper
2d ago
MotherElaine: Baby boy 40 ish
2d ago
MotherElaine: please message me
2d ago
abmelissa: cute single ab sissy here in Bournemouth kik me id pansymelissa
NappyFairy: Good evening all
paulie3737: Anyone near Hertfordshire? message me or kik me 1983paul
5h ago
NaughtyGirl92: Me need diapey change, so if yous wan change me. We can roleplay on kik. Me usewname tis rushergirl92
3h ago
wayno: Hey you still want to role play
2h ago
lilcuddlez: there are alot of gay men within the abdl community, I wish gay women, lik me, were more common as well
2h ago
wayno: I am sure that there is a girl out there for youu cuddlz
1h ago
lilcuddlez: probably, it's just hard to find a girl in general, and in the abdl community the majority of them get scared off by men
1h ago
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