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putdiapers_onme: good morning everyone
2d ago
Babyathome: Another scammer - Reallove982.
2d ago
pyro: There seems ro be quite a few on this site
2d ago
Babyathome: Yeah, they seem to think that adult babies are either desperate or stupid and as such are easy marks.
2d ago
lars: @Babyathome, I have to agree with you on that one. I still to this day have scammers messaging me trying to get me to help them out and what not.
admin: Report them so I can remove them!
DanielABDL: what about a giant homepage banner: "SCAMMERS, GET LOST"
Party_in_my_Pampers: Some might see that as a challenge?
lars: Admin the ones that have been getting me are the ones who contacted me some time ago, still trying to get their way but its not happening
foxtrot62: Well I may play the baby role but that’s only part time. Scam are rampant on a lot of site
Theatrelittleone: I am being a bad little girl I up no sleep yet and it 4 am!
24h ago
putdiapers_onme: good moring from Hamilton :)
21h ago
jamesbennett: i not like user curiousgeorge22 no more
20h ago
Skippyboy: Can you find members by area
18h ago
Skippyboy: Can members be found by area without reading all the profiles.
18h ago
jamesbennett: no i try it for 8 years
17h ago
lars: So what is the use of having a search engine on here when you can not use it? or am I doing something wrong?
16h ago
pyro: Afternoon, I suspect it depends on the quality of the site and how much it would cost to add more specific features.
16h ago
admin: I am working on a replacement site where search and all will work
16h ago
lars: @pyro, never really thought about it like that
16h ago
lars: @admin I know you are doing the best you can with what you got, i was just wondering being a curious little Leo is all
16h ago
jamesbennett: is my abdl youtube channel is got no video on it yap but i would like to get some sub first https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRmWwY_O7SP_yU1PR1MWBJA?view_as=subscriber
12h ago
BrianDC1982: Diaperdaddy37 is now mommysbabyboy38. A very derenged individual. Just an FYI to anyone who's dealt with this guy in the past.
10h ago
noname: hi hello good day all
10h ago
pyro: I cant sleep morning all
5h ago
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