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diaperboy0001: Can admin please delete the scat photo set recently uploaded. That's disgusting.
2d ago
liljester: Holy jebus that's just...wow..... lotta reporting now
2d ago
Daddyorbaby: I agree them scat pics are wrong
2d ago
diaperboy0001: Thanks Admin.
2d ago
putdiapers_onme: hi everyone
2d ago
admin: Anytime. Scat grosses me out
2d ago
mspeas: Although I love Cats....
diaperboy0001: More cat, less scat!
24h ago
bigwetnappy: hello anyone here
23h ago
bigwetnappy: chat anyone
23h ago
diaperboy0001: Jacyleung. why did you block me?
22h ago
jasoni: Hi
21h ago
soggymale02: hi everybody
17h ago
BabyAya: Is it possible to see a list of people I've blocked? It's kinda sad but it's getting long for me and I'd like to know who the creeps/ jerks are before I try to talk to them again.
16h ago
soggymale02: to everyone in Mexico affected by the earthquake many thoughts sent your way for protection and safety and for familys to be reunited safy
15h ago
soggymale02: safely meant to say.
15h ago
soggymale02: am i a creep or jerk to you BabyAya? in honesty plras
15h ago
soggymale02: please. i can take whatever your answer is
15h ago
BabyAya: I have no idea soggymale02, i honestly dont remember
11h ago
diapereddemigoddess: watch out for diapersrule2612 if you turn him down on dating him he sends a message saying you're a slut and blocks you
6h ago
admin: classy
5h ago
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