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Diaperjonny29: I moved to Mississauga any abdl girls or mommies in that area that want to chat with me
2d ago
abmelissa: cute and single ab sissy here x
2d ago
DL4EVR: I am offende by the "Bearmod.com" ad here. I think that anyone who would consider having sex with an animal is a sick and twisted individual... But then thats just my opinion...
Funny-Pants: MSPEAS, just a note to sleep tight and dream good things, your friend Funny Pants
bigwetnappy: hi hello all chat anyone ?
13h ago
mspeas: Thanx Tiger I will....Love having happy Dreams.... & DL how would You know of such a sight ... You're a naughty little one !!
4h ago
DL4EVR: Hey Mspeas I didnt ask for it... It was posted here and I spoke out against it. So far I havent seen it again... Which is a good thing.
3h ago
lilandypandy: hello everyone from lilandypandy in Australia Q ueensland sunshine coast i hope you are all having an awesome day or night.😇
28m ago
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