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Wold be fun to talk to other Minnesota diaper friends I'm in southern Minnesota be cool to find close to have diaper play date.
pooper 10 minutes ago 0 1

how many like to play a bit of suppository roulette? You know, stick a couple in, get your nappy and plastic pants on, and then carry out an errand and see if you can hold out until you get home? i don't often poop my Terry nappies but do enjoy it sometime
Babyb1968 5 days ago 0 29

Hi would you like to have your own baby bag to put all your goodies in.. I make an design personalize baby bags what ever you want on your baby bag i can make it happen for you!  So if you're interested email me [email protected]
Illroticmommy1 6 days ago 0 21
Get Some Diapers!

foxtrot62: Scammers are everywhere Even a regular dating site as them
2d ago
DanielABDL: As many as here??
2d ago
Mommas_Boy: Dont think I've very seen as many scammers even on other abdl sites lol
Mommas_Boy: Theres a lot of them though. I guess it seems like we're easy targets.
Curiouslywet: The onesie I got the other day was a little too small! Bummed but I ordered another one that was also on sale in a size bigger.
jamesbennett: hi how are u i got special need and looking for abdl mate or bro,son
soggymale04: have you heard the joke pyro about politicians and diapers?
24h ago
soggymale04: politicians are like diapers they should be changed often and for the same reasons most are full of shit
24h ago
soggymale04: lol
24h ago
BrianDC1982: **crickets**
24h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Amen brother.
7h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: I did it all for the nookie!
3h ago
jamesbennett: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtoT9tvXqgkF9aXuTdUMYZg?view_as=subscriber
50m ago
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