Beware Romance Scammers

While we are working hard to authenticate users as they join the site, some romance scammers get by us. Remember to never send money, gift cards or other things of value to people you just met online. This is almost always a scam.

If you come across a scammer that I haven't deleted yet, please report them to me (user: admin) so I can remove them asap!


Thanks for trying to find and eliminate these people. When I first came on here< I was surprised at how many women on here were "looking for love or a mate". It makes me suspicious. I am always wary of women looking for babies without charging a fee. I like it better if they say upfront in their bio that they are a "professional" mommy. I think I was approached by a scammer but I noticed that she is gone all of a sudden so there must have been some complaints. Thanks again


Well you may want to have a report or a block on the website but that's just me or at least have a list of who you report different people to