Welcome to the NEW DiaperMates

I want to take a moment to welcome you to the NEW diapermates.com - I know change can be hard for some, myself included, but the script that powered the old site was badly broken and could not be repaired unless we spent thousands of dollars on custom coding help. But then, a new site has it perks, such as:

Active Members - everyone is new, so there aren't any stale profiles

Member Search - Yes! Searching for people near you now works!

Videos - Videos are back

Still Free - All users can send 10 messages a day to any member(s) they want. This limit allows us to keep a free tier that separates us from other sites, while not allowing scammers to mass-mail users and abuse our site. You can upgrade to 50 messages a day for a reasonable $29 a year!

Anyway, I hope you all feel welcome and can accept the change. If you need me, hit me up.

With Love