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pyro: morning
2d ago
Pamperedchef: Maine diaper boy looking
2d ago
BigCryBaby: Morning Pyro, what U doin?
2d ago
diaperboy0001: Wow! I checked out LadyAshleys profile. In guessing she is at least $10/min.
2d ago
bigwetnappy: whats going on with the chat box carnt chat with my friend
2d ago
sissybaby4u: hiee everyone
2d ago
WisconsinAbdl: Hi From Wisconsin
2d ago
Daddyz_Little_Girl: Hello
2d ago
tmg07: Check out ABDLtruth on Facebook! It's really gong a long way! We have an event posted coming up in June!
SissyCassie01: Naughty little sissy, loves to role play. Come play with me.
pyro: Hello Pyro. How are you Pyro? not bad thanks. How are you? yeah im fine pyro. Oh wait... talking to myself. I shall log out and go enjoy sun instead.
24h ago
quinnr60: Two nights in a row wet the bed.
18h ago
Diaper-boi-james: Is all my uk friends ok because i heard there was a terrorist attack
17h ago
wayno: Hi everyone how is your day going
14h ago
Diaper-boi-james: How are u wayno hehe
14h ago
wayno: Im good
14h ago
Diaper-boi-james: Ya hehe me too:3
13h ago
Diaper-boi-james: Me just bored lol
13h ago
bigwetnappy: whats going on with chat carnt chat with the few friends i have
11h ago
diaperboy0001: Love the new chat. Met some new friends.
9h ago
diaperboy0001: :( chat doesn't work in my phone :(
8h ago
robjax85: Is Alabama alive this eve? :)
7h ago
Diaper-boi-james: I think they made some changes with chat. I really hate it tho
6h ago
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