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Beverly, Ohio, United States
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Friendly, Clever / Quick witted 
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Disposable Diapers, Cloth Diapers, Plastic Pants, Baby Bottles, Baby Food, Wetting, Messing, Spanking, BDSM 
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Just a little girl trying to find her way in this crazy big world!

You know what.... Screw anything I said before...

I want a Daddy that actually cares about me. Someone that actually puts me first. Someone that doesn't call ever single girl beautiful, cuite and princess. I want them words only preserved for me. I want to be the one that feels special and that my Daddy feels that way about me.
Someone that doesn't make me questions if I am the perfect girl for them and makes me question if i am good enough every day. Someone that makes me feel secure and loved. Someone that doesn't hurt me so bad in the inside that I want to hurt just as bad on the outside.
Someone that dosen't take off and go to bed leaving me sitting on the sofa alone, lonely and wondering if anyone even cares if I should just go diaper myself and pretend that everything is ok.... When in all reality I'm slowly dying inside.. Praying for someone just to care..

I'm not going to run after someone and keep begging them for thier attention. I'm tired of it. When in reality is just want someone to see me. Someone to say it's going to be ok. Someone to see that I self-harmer and stop me before I even make the attempt. To really know me better than I know myself.
I want someone that is real and not fake. Someone that doesn't lie just to make me believe what I want to hear.
I'm tired of being the one the pours my everything into someone dose everything (even agrees to do things I normally wouldn't) to make them happy and still am the one that ends up hurt. The one that left alone crying and feeling ashamed and stupid for allowing it to happen once again.

Side note.. I'm not really into men in diapering I'd really like a daddy that didn't wear. I'm selfish and wa t everything to be about me. I've been pushed to the corner my whole life and honestly I just want someone to care enough about me that I don't have to stress myself out and wonder ever second of the day if I'm still only second best.

I probably ask for a lot but it is what it is and if I'm spouse to be lonely and alone so be it. So over it!
All I really want is the Daddy little girl world.

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OMG DLG!!!!! I wish I'd known sooner how much you were hurting inside.
You do deserve a nice daddy to be there as a true daddy
Have missed you so much.


I understand you being tired and burned out,but you do deserve happiness.
Yes we all have bad days,but it shouldn't hurt.


It is what it is... ‍I'm just tired and burned out.

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Accidents happen..


Just as a baby needs to be!!


Someone sure knows thst wetter is better


So cute! Good thing you were wearing!

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Let me set your world on fire

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