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Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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6' 2" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (white) 
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College grad 
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Disposable Diapers, Cloth Diapers, Plastic Pants, Baby Bottles, Baby Food, Wetting, Messing, Spanking, BDSM 
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Been in to abdl since I can remember. Looking for friends and play dates
I am a baby boy who like to play 2-4 years old. Love wearing nappies, onesies etc. I love cuddles and colouring, walks and adventures. I have been gaining more confidence wearing nappies in public and dressing little. I’m fun loving and affectionate. Interested in lots of things and love hearing people’s stories.

Looking for playmates or caregiver types for online play or meet ups.

I like be dressed in my nappy with a onesie, l like to wet and mess and have some else decide if I’m changed or not. I like to be bottle fed and fed baby food, I like having my adult privileges and rights strip away to make sure I properly regressed.
Love being given rules to follow.

My rules

Baby will refer to mommy/daddy as daddy/mommy at all times even in public

Once mommy/daddy puts baby in a nappy, nappies to be worn at all times and must use them for whatever need arises

Baby can only be out of a nappy for bath time or to air out as decided by mommy/daddy

You must not hole back wetting or messing but go as soon as you feel the need

Baby is not allowed to remove or adjust his nappy for any reason.

Only mommy/daddy can change babies nappy

Only mommy/daddy decides when baby gets a nappy change

Baby should never go into bathroom on there own

Baby will wear what ever mommy/daddy put him in

Onesie worn always, under street clothes in public.

Dummy should either be clipped to cloth, in mouth or in pocket if out in public

If mommy/daddy puts baby’s dummy in to baby’s mouth then baby has to keep it there for at least 15 min unless mommy/daddy specifics a longer period of time for it to me in.

Baby will only drink from a bottle or a sippy cup

Baby must drink lots and stay hydrated

When baby is being fed, baby must be wearing his silicon bib

Baby will either be fed by mommy/daddy or feed himself with hands or baby cutlery

Baby will eat baby food for at least one meal a day

Baby must eat everything given by mommy/daddy with in reason

When playing baby should have a cloth bib in case baby drools

When put down for a nap baby must have dummy in mouth

At night mommy/daddy decides if baby will sleep with dummy in or not

Once put to bed at night, baby will not be changed till morning

Baby will speak in a baby voice unless out in public or on the phone

When put on the floor to play baby must be fully engaged in activities and be in complete babyhood

When in full babyhood, baby can only crawl


Corner time or time out
Double diapers

8:30 wake up - morning bottle, bath, nappy (full babyhood)
9:30 solid breakfast (adulting allowed)
10:00 floor play (mandatory baby actives till 11am (full babyhood)
12:45 afternoon bottle and nappy check
1:00 education, music or tactile play
1:30pm Lunch baby food ( full babyhood)
2:00pm afternoon outside activities ( adulting allowed)
4:00pm nappy check , floor play (full babyhood)
4:30pm evening bottle and nap time
5:15pm evening activities ( daddy decides if adulting or babyhood)
8:00pm dinner , nappy check
8:30pm night time activities (babyhood)
10:15pm baby to call partner (adulting)
10:45 pm bedtime routine (full babyhood)
11:00pm floor play ( full babyhood)
11:30pm night time bottle and night nappy
11:45pm story time
12:00am baby in bed sleeping

If you made it this far, congratulations I would love to chat

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